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As information technology (IT), communication technology and the Internet thrive, IT has become a big solution for enterprises. By implementing knowledge management and knowledge engineering analysis mechanisms, enterprises can reduce operating costs, increase output value, enhance product yield rate, and thereby improve international competitiveness.

The entrepreneurial team of Coretech Knowledge was formed with members from the core team of the Department of Information Science, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). We mainly merchandise visionary technologies with commercial value developed from academic research by means of technological transfer and make modifications according to the actual needs of businesses to accumulate marketing experience and to devote to the R&D of knowledge engineering technologies and industrial application systems. In addition to developing utilities and expert system modules with advanced technologies, Coretech Knowledge continues to develop IT systems to meet the application needs of businesses and to provide industries with technical support and software development services according to the belief in IT software technology and services.


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