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1.Customer background

The world’s first international courier service provider, the leader of international courier service, and one the world’s largest, DHL is an independent US-based courier service provider established in 1969 and was rated as ‘The Best Courier Service Provider’ by Cargonews Asia for 19 consecutive years. The first international courier to enter Taiwan, DHL established the Yankee Transportation Inc in Taiwan in 1973 and began cooperation with 7-Eleven, the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan, in 1990. With reliable operations, DHL created the highest market share among all private courier service providers.



To quickly and efficiently respond to the service enquiries of customers as soon as possible is the prime target and mission of the customer service personnel of DHL. This is because it takes a lot of time for customer service personnel to look up and refer to the relevant documents and data, and documents are unable to be effectively updated consequently and filed. Therefore, in order to enhance work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of replies given to customer enquiries, it is necessary to carefully assess a document management system that can efficiently help customer service personnel to quickly provide the accurate information to customers.


While it is unable for customer service personnel to ‘easily’ and ‘immediately’ locate the information searched and it is often difficult for them to share information, a ‘document management & search platform’ is requested to help customer service personnel share information for effective collaboration, to ensure document output standards and project quality, to accelerate decision-making support and to enhance overall work efficiency in order to surpass the from competitors and thereby create opportunities for DHL to increase revenues and profits.



  • Effective business process management
    The Documentum Content Server is an ideal solution for effective business process and data access management by offering multiple interface management and quick implementation. In addition to providing instant management, it needs no customization for immediate implementation.
  • Centralization of document management
    The centralization of documents, experience (knowhow) and miscellaneous information facilitate users to share and re-use such documents, knowhow and information.
  • Single integrated search interface
    The interface provides document and non-document (information) search by attribute, full text search etc to facilitate users to locate what documents or information they want.

  • By integrating with the MS Office, users can directly open documents in the document management system with the tools they use in the routine work. By integrating with the MS Outlook, users can directly save documents from the MS Outlook to the document management system by means of dragging and drawing in order to provide important reference for relevant operations.
  • Stratified authority management
    Sales unit (PM and department administrator) can manage the” Documentum” document management system independently.
  • Full record
    The Documentum document management system comes with the built-in audit function for administrators to audit the access status of every document and non-document. In case of data leakage, the audit function allows users to trace the document access log in order to find out the leak.


4.Benefits or effect of implementation

  • Retention of valuable customer information
    The Documentum helps users to retain valuable customer information and files. A single document management system helps customer service personnel systemically retain important documents and business-related knowhow in a business-oriented manner.
  • Quick implementation and saving development cost
    By delivering various ready-for-use functions and templates, the “Documentum” helps customer service personnel to quickly implement the system and thereby save development costs.
  • Enhancing the work efficiency of DHL customer service
    With the Documentum, DHL customer service personnel can easily locate the accurate documents and information to answer customer enquiries and avoid repeating the same mistake in order to enhance work efficiency and optimize sales performance.
  • Saving internal management cost
    Document management, massive communication and paper filing are all done with a single platform. In addition to saving time for locating documents and costs for management, this single system allows synchronous sharing of business and project information to significantly save communication cost.
  • Enhancing project management efficiency and overall quality and accelerating business processes for DHL
    The project management and process control features of the Documentum helps DHL to enhance project management efficiency and operational quality.
  • Single Sign-on
    The WorkSite MP provides LDAP and AD integration for DHL to integrate with the existing AD. With only one account and password, DHL users can immediately sign on to the system.
  • Features of the Documentum
    Authority management
    Document version management
    Document audit record
    Document review mechanism
    Support for multiple document formats
    Document search system
Technical Innovations
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