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IBM Lotus Connections & Mashup

Social software has brought functions unavailable in traditional collaboration tools and thus changed the concepts of collaboration in enterprises. In order to enhance innovativeness, rejuvenate organizations and locate potential talents in the organization, enterprises begin to consider the importance and implement social software and to maintain the intelligence and experience of employees who have terminated employment.


Lotus Connections is the first social software tailored for enterprises and an important platform for IBM employees to maintain their expertise. With Lotus Connections, enterprises can dynamically establish contacts among employees, partners and customers. In addition to enhancing innovativeness, it helps to accelerate work implementation; to make better use of the organizational, partner and customer knowledge; and boost enterprise growth and production.

Major benefits
  1. Provide workers in the Internet era with productive tools with Web 2.0.
  2. Locate the ‘right person’ and establish mutual trust to enhance organizational operation efficiency with quick search.
  3. Promote knowledge and information exchange among employees and enhance satisfaction with information search.
  4. Enhance work content quality by mining and using group intelligence and communities.
  5. Enhance transparency of expertise, ideas and information contents for employees.
  6. Promote idea sharing and innovation to facilitate growth.
  7. Enhance the value of important experts in the organization.
  8. Enhance speed of implementation of special business activities by capturing and repeating the best practice.
  9. Promote organizational sensibility with the feedback, comments and ideas of customers or partners.
  10. Allow workers to implement work faster with the quick access to information via the expanded expert network.
  11. Promote innovative products and services and boosts enterprise growth with employee, partner and customer communities.
Product functions
  1. Profiles: Allow users to locate required personnel by expertise, current project and duty.
  2. Communities: Help the organization to gather people with the same interests to establish and develop closer relations.
  3. Corporate Blogging: Helps improve and develop the expertise of employees or outsiders.
  4. Dogear: Allow users to search the gears approved by professionals having the same interests.
  5. Activities: Provide users with methods to organize work, expand expert networking, and implement work faster.
Suitable users
  1. Industrials with a high percentage of knowledge workers or employee attrition rate .
  2. High-tech industries valuing innovation .
  3. Trade unions .
  4. Colleges and universities .



Enterprise Mashup is a web-based application established by assembling information or functions from many existing data sources to provide new functions or experience. In general, Mashup randomly mashes data to create new data sources or new applications in order to display data in a single graphic interface. The Lotus Mashups provides the simplest and fastest way to combine widgets and web-based feeds to a single dynamic application to facilitate the processing of special circumstances and problems.


Figure 1 shows the architecture of the Lotus Mashups. It uses the same J2EE architecture as in the InfoSphere MashupHub and is applied to or deployed on the WebSphere Application Server. The Lotus Mashups provides subscribers with a simple and easy-to-use browser-based mash-up environment for them to freely mash up the feeds and widgets in the Mashup Catalog. The feeds in the Mashup Catalog are enterprises, departments or Internet resources created and registered with the InfoSphere MashupHub. The widgets can be brought by the Lotus Mashups, and more are industry-specific widgets developed and registered by subscribers.


Figure 1 The architecture of the Lotus Mashups


The IBM Mashup Center is an end-to-end enterprise mash-up program platform for quickly combining dynamic web applications and providing IT teams with the required management, security and monitoring functions.

It quickly creates, shares, and explores base components ready for repeated uses, including widgets, feed sources and mash-up programs. These components can be combined into new applications or placed in existing applications to reduce development cost, quickly create return on investment, swiftly deliver dynamic applications, and enhance productivity.

  • Initiating information sources: Easily create usable feed sources with enterprise sources (e.g. Sharepoint, MQ, Filenet etc) and various departmental and desktop sources (e.g. spreadsheets).

  • Quickly combining enterprise mash-up programs: Combine new mash-up programs by dragging and drawing widgets to the home page and linking them up.

  • Exploring and sharing assets: Post mash-up programs, feed sources and widgets on the community catalog for others to rate, label, explore and use repeatedly.

  • Converting information: Form new feed sources by mashing up various feed sources, known as the data mash-up program.

  • Creating dynamic widgets: Provide a powerful widget creation environment for skillful developers to quickly create widgets without programming codes.


Technical Innovations