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System Overview

The eCOA is primarily designed for processing digital certificates of analysis or certificates of approval (COA). This includes the defining, receiving, interpreting and verification of digital COA contents to reduce COA paperwork as in the traditional incoming quality control (IQC) procedure. It also delivers autonomic statistical process control (SPC) which is unavailable in traditional COA processes. In doing so, the eCOA allows users to continuously enhance the quality requirements of materials and reduce the time and resources from human intervention.


Major components of the eCOA include:

(1)Schema Generator
The Schema Generator allows users to define and create the format of eCOA data transferred from vendors/suppliers to your company in order to specify and restrict the eCOA contents transferred from vendors/suppliers.


(2)eCOA Parser
The eCOA Parser receives vendor/
supplier eCOA data and forwards them to the IQC server for COA data check. This includes the checking of COA content format and SPC-related items (e.g. specification, control limits and trend).


(3)Web (Browser)
The web (browser) interface is a simple but convenient-to-use enquiry interface for users to quickly enquire the status of COA processing in the system.


The interrelations of system components are illustrated in the following framework:



As shown in the framework, the engineer first defines and specifies the eCOA file format for all raw materials and the specification of individual raw materials. Then, the vendor/supplier provides the eCOA file of the corresponding raw material. After the vendor/supplier uploads the eCOA file via the FTP or web interface, the eCOA SQM Parser will process the file format and upload the file to the SQM system for detailed format and value check and save the results in the system for users to enquire the processing results of all data via the web interface, or view the SPC inspection details with the Navigator in the LineWorks SPACE system. The system also allows users to input the IQC inspection results of raw materials for further inspection and saves the final accept/reject determination of users. With the web interface, users can access all these inspection data and system processing results.


Technical Innovations