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Employee Benefits

Employees’ life, we care

  • At Core Knowledge, you can enjoy a spectacular career life with our wonderful activities (year-end vacation party, birthday party etc).
  • Comprehensive recreational activities, movies and dinner parties.
  • Gift certificates for birthdays and most important holidays.
  • Annual financial support for tours, employee organizations, wedding, funeral and other personal events.
  • Free annual health examination for employees.
Employees’ insurances, we provide
  • Labor Insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Group insurance with full payment by Coretech Knowledge to ensure employees with full insurance coverage (life, accidents, hospitalization and cancer).
Employees’ vacations, we deliver
  • Humanity management: Flexible business hours.
  • Better Annual Vacation time
  • Flexible Holidays: Five more annual holidays and you can arrange your own vacation as you like.
Employees’ carrier, we focus
  • Financial support for employee training and encourage employees to take certification or licensing examinations.
  • New hire (pre-service) training
  • On job (in-service) training
  • Professional skill training
  • Management skill training
  • Transparency job/position migration

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