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SAP announces complete SOA service and support solutions!

As an SAP NetWeaver Solution Partner, Coretech Knowledge introduces you to the SAP SOA Solution: Netweaver.


Can your company quickly face new challenges or grasp new opportunities? With the SAP NetWeaver, you can make it happen!


The SAP NetWeaver is an integrated integration and application platform for you to collaborate with IT infrastructures and thereby to run and manage changes. With the SAP NetWeaver, you can quickly design, establish, implement and run new business strategies and processes with greater flexibility. By integrating existing systems, you can also maintain a consistent cost framework to promote an entire enterprise reform.


The SAP NetWeaver uses the Internet standards, such as HTTP, XML and Web services, to ensure open operations. It is also compatible with the Microsoft.NET and Java 2 platforms for enterprise (J2EE), such as the IBM WebSphere.


The SAP NetWeaver is the basis of comprehensive SAP solutions, including the SAP Business Suite, SAP xApps, partner solutions and customized applications. With the SAP NetWeaver, enterprises can realize their service frameworks. The picture below shows the schematic of the SOA solution from SAP.


As SOA (service-oriented architecture) has become a market standard and its popularity is increasing, the newly added complete SOA technologies, ready-for-use services and well-designed support solutions from SAP can help enterprises achieve more business values and higher IT efficiency. SAP solutions are complete and cover the entire lifecycle of SOA projects, including design and development, implementation and routine management; they can help enterprises to complete an SOA project at a lower cost and more easily.


Enterprises worldwide need to manage the rapidly transforming and changing business environment with a more globalized way of operations, and possess more power in the network-based economy. Therefore, enterprises need a complete and open IT environment management architecture to facilitate the promotion of changes and gradually include enterprise SOA to meet the above needs. The Enterprise SOA is a SOA solution for enterprises from SAP. It links single standard operating procedures to quickly integrate new end-to-end processes. Additionally, such a method can selectively reset all existing processes. Apart from quickly completing changes, it can easily integrate the process design between an organization and its partners.


The innovative professional services and tools from SAP ensure customers are capable of developing the entire SOA development map, promote projects, and maximize the performance of every procedure. The portfolio includes

  • Enterprise SOA Activation Package
    The newly added Enterprise SOA Activation Package provides the step-by-step implementation rules for SOA projects. It includes various kinds of basic knowledge, such as value and efficiency, framework, governance, service portfolio and continual operations. It also provides the relevant methodologies and practical instructions for project managers and developers, as well as the experience of other users, reference examples and successful cases for learning.

  • Enterprise SOA Transformation Accelerator
    The SOA Transformation Accelerator helps consultants, partners and customers to implement service-based solutions. These include the support and acceleration for customers to transform IT environments into SOA, integration of existing methodologies, and provision of a set of end-to-end procedure models.

  • Implementation Plan Package
    specific needs. Each plan is a packaged SOA project containing applications and relevant product-based services and complete references.

  • Value Prototype Producer
    This provides a complete and high-speed collaboration platform for producing value prototypes of specific needs. This service combines commerce, industry, solution and technical skills and realizes the specific SOA values of customers in an overall manner.




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