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Technical Consulting


Provide professional IT system consultation services and to help customers to run IT platform requirement analysis and planning.

Service Levels and Domains

Provide customers with the most professional and most efficient professional IT system platform consultation services. Coretech Knowledge has successfully implemented over one hundred IT system and consultation projects since its establishment in 2000. These projects cover the consultations for the following levels and domains:

Third-party independent IT platform assessment consultation services

When enterprises decide on implementing a platform-grade IT product, a series of choices arise. These include the assessment and selection of suppliers/vendors and products; short-, medium- and long-term description and planning; proof of concept (PoC); business negotiations; and to make decisions on the required platform(s) based on the assessment results, budget and lead-time. In general, the greater the budget, the more extensive and comprehensive the assessment and consideration will take. Oftentimes, what is the most worrisome has to do with the previous experience. If it is the first time for enterprises to implement the required platform(s), the risk of implementation increases due to lack of experience, vision and information. The risk is even higher along with the competition among platform suppliers. As a provider of a third-party independent IT platform assessment consultation services, we can help enterprises find out what they really need with our consultation service. Then, we give them the most appropriate and most unbiased advice as a third party. Belonging to no platform supplier and upholding no private contact principle, we assess suppliers and their platforms in a neutral manner. Along with our technology analysis capacity and consultation knowhow, we can immediately identify and determine the differences in the “system requirements” and “actual functions” of the platforms proposed by suppliers. Finally, after taking into account the service support capacity and possible transaction price, we provide the decision-making parameters and acceptable price range of individual candidate suppliers for the reference of enterprises to make their IT decisions.

IT platform implementation consultation services

Enterprises often face a dilemma when making decisions on purchasing and implementing a specific IT platform, particularly when taking into account the balance and equivalence between cost and functions For the IT platform implementation consultation services, Coretech Knowledge provides enterprises with brand-specified or heterogeneous integration solutions based on enterprise requirements, implementation qualifications and return on investments. In addition to taking into account the situation of enterprises, Coretech Knowledge gives advice in terms of IT administrators, users and business owners to ensure the success of consultation.

IT system implementation consultation services

In our experience, system implementation outsourcing is usually very professional. Instead of PMP specialty, CMMI requirements, PM know-how or IT techniques, we understand that cooperation and communication are the keys to success of a system implementation project. The IT system implementation consultation services from Coretech Knowledge maintain a balance among user requirements, IT implementation, project management, budget and schedule. Along with rich experience in project implementation, we provide a third-party independent consultation service for project quality control to ensure the expected performance of business owner’s investments.


Our consultation services cover the following domains and levels:

Technical Consulting

Service implementation

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