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Manpower Outsourcing

Professional IT services: Professional Residence Service

Professional IT service engineers or consultants provide on/off-site service for our customer in order to help them to implement and run IT solutions smoothly & efficiently.

Scope of services

The professional residence service covers system analysis (SA), system design (SD), and program planning and running (PG) for factory automation, yield rate enhancement and enterprise informatization.

(1) Factory Automation

This includes the integration of the relevant databases and subsystems with the MES system, including EDA, SPC and Reporting subsystems using technologies covering C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi and relevant techniques and tools. The domain knowledge will be provided to help customers to increase productivity and enhance work efficiency.

(2) Yield Rate Enhancement

By aggressively collaborating with internationally leading software developers, such as SAP (NetWeaver), EMC (Documentuum) and Microsoft (Microsoft Solution), Coretech Knowledge provides customers with quick and effective IT services and total solutions based on their demands in order to help customers to enhance the efficiency of the yield rate problem analysis and process problem solving and thereby enhance the yield rate and accelerate product output.

(3) Enterprise Informatization

Focusing on business flow informatization, Coretech Knowledge helps customers to apply IT management to the routine with web-based technology, J2EE architecture and relevant reporting functions after demand analysis and system design in order to complete enterprise informatization for customers.

Technical Innovations