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Our Vision


Specialized in professional software development and IT services, Coretech Knowledge has been cultivating the science-based industrial park (SBIP) market over the past few years by providing high-quality software system implementation and related IT services for high-tech manufacturing industries. Recently, Coretech Knowledge began promoting software to the GC (Grant China) regions developed by international developers through collaboration with these developers and became their local technical service provider. Coretech Knowledge signed collaboration contracts with system integrators at home and abroad to provide the relevant IT services for domestic enterprises by means of commissioning projects to help enterprises to improve decision-making quality, shorten decision-making time, enhance response ability, accumulate and reuse enterprise proprietary knowledge. In doing so, Coretech Knowledge hopes to become the leader of knowledge and data engineering. With a strong sense of purpose, Coretech Knowledge can become a specialist knowledge system provider within the next three years in order to realize its corporate objective: to be a professional knowledge system provider.

At Next three years, Coretech Knowledge will become the multifaceted IT service provider in the APJ (Asia-Pacific & Japan) regions.

  • To make customers see that our efficient and quality service is worth more than what they pay.
Maximizing benefits for customers
  • Increase profits: Enhance yield rate and equipment efficiency
  • Reduce costs: Quickly accumulate knowledge and accurately improve personnel performance.
Quality Policy
  • Honesty, Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation
  • Fulfilling the Commitment to be Practical and Innovative
Our Positioning
  • Specialist supplier of knowledge systems
  • Trustworthy specialist data analysis team for customers
  • Consultation and R&D of technologies related to knowledge systems
  • Implementation and construction of knowledge systems
  • To convert heterogeneous data of enterprises into applicable knowledge through efficient software operations.
  • To integrate heterogeneous IT systems and engineering data software and present outputs with intelligent analysis in order to form an expert system delivering recommendations for decision-making.
  • We are an honest, reliable and technically competent team.
  • We deliver quality and efficient services.
  • We uphold the non-disclosure principle for all customer data.
Technical Innovations
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